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Guest Information

We welcome any guest to our club. However, all guests must be present with a member in order to utilize our facilities.  Charges for any services rendered to a guest will be charged to the sponsoring member’s account.

Cell Phones

All cellphones must be turned off or on vibrate when out on the course. Please be mindful of other members when in other areas of the club.

Dress Code

Pine Tree Country Club’s dress code applies to the entire Club property from the time your arrival. Members must ensure that  their family and guests are dressed appropriately. Guests, in particular, should be advised of Pine Tree’s dress code before their arrival at the club. Fitness Clothing such as yoga pants and sweat suits are only allowed in the fitness center or when attending fitness classes. Tee shirt and shoes must be work at all times inside the clubhouse. Coverups must be worn over swimsuits when in the clubhouse. Changing of clothing is allowed in the Locker Rooms or Restroom areas. Members and their guests will be denied access to the club if they fail to follow dress code.


Collared shirts, turtlenecks, and pullovers are acceptable attire when utilizing the golf course. Shirts must be tucked in with the exception of shirts designed to be untucked. Hats are to be worn with the brim forward at all times. Sandals are permitted at the pool and clubhouse only.. In general, denim (any color),  swimming attire, tennis shorts, fitness apparel, and tee shirts are not permitted on the golf course.


Collared shirts, shorts, and skirts are permitted. Shorts and skirts shorter than 4 inches above the knee, tennis skirts, halter tops,  and blue jeans are not permitted.


All children over the age of 5 must be dressed appropriately and are asked to adhere to the dress code.

**Members are responsible for informing their guests or our cell phone and dress code policies.